Invisible House - Jenolan Caves / by Karl White


We were lucky enough to get to stay a few days at the Peter Stuchbury designed Invisible House - Australian house of the year 2014 - located near Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains.

"The building is below the brow of the hill; thus protected – it sits comfortably within the contour; thus inoffensive – it is constructed of materials sympathetic to the area; thus coordinated – it emphasises qualities of horizon and direct light, thus connected.

In designing for this site we did not direct our thoughts to a gesture but rather studied the surrounds both immediate and distant. It was from these studies we found a mathematical; sculptural form, that although foreign was not of a different order to this place.

This building represents an interpretation of all the factors that accumulate to form a story of belonging – in this instance we have translated materials and form but it is only a marginal shift to discover references all around.

Invisible House can be there or cannot; architecture represents values, both current and beyond. If the roof, with water, reflects the sky this building will never be found – until it is discovered."