Concept design deals with the broad ideas, opportunities, constraints and the potential for the site.

During this stage you can expect to discuss brief requirements, architectural ideas and spatial planning through loose sketches and concept models. Concept design begins a conversation focusing on an architectural proposal that considers and responds to site conditions and opportunities within the brief.

Additional design briefs may be prepared for external consultants contributing to the project such as engineers, town planners, landscape architects, and heritage consultants. Concept design may also include a preliminary selection of materials and finishes.

We can also coordinate the preparation of a preliminary estimate of the cost of works during this stage of design.

During concept design we will typically commence a CAD model (using Revit BIM) and supplement this with hand drawings to scale. You can generally expect a number of iterations and interpretations of the brief within this process.

We may also present digital 3D information to assist with understanding the spatial qualities of the design.

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